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this soros post should be spread far and wide just for the chart it has of its spider web



Soros-Sponsored Immigration Network Exposed In Italy

Why is there a migrant crisis in the Mediterranean?  Is it illegal? Not really. Political activism is an essential part of democratic societies.

In a democracy, projects of this magnitude are not undertaken without public debate and the assent of the masses.  None of this has ocurred.  This movement is not democratic.  Democracies have every right to defend themselves against undemocratic ideas and actions whose end result would be the destruction of democracy.

Associazione Carta di Roma was founded in December 2011 to put into execution a moral code for correct information on immigration.  [...] The term “clandestine’’ is now punished with fines, and warnings from the Order of Journalists.

This is Orwellian hogwash that goes against freedom of speech.  To the extent that "news organizations" comply with this group's guidelines, the news orgamizations become "fake news".  And who the hell is "Associazione Carta di Roma"?

Cospe Onlus is a non-profit, private organization [...]supporting the right to international mobility.

There is no right to international mobility.

[A] world where “diversity is considered a value, a world with many voices, where the meeting of different people results in mutual enrichment and where social justice goes through equal rights and opportunities’’.

Diversity merely creates a Tower of Babel where the common people are completely disenfranchised thru unemployment, higher taxation and a non-cohesive political voice.  First world people are dragged down to a third world level culturally and economically.

The last budget published is from 2015. Cospe gathered funding of approximately €9.5 million, of which €7.5 million was from public subjects, the most relevant of which are the European Union (66%) and the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (27%).

So the tax dollars of the victims are funding this invasion.  This is a typical progressive scam.  The progressives take your money to fund schemes that benefit them and then cost you even further.  And now we know why the governments refuse to police their borders.  They are completely in on the scheme.

ASGI’s task is to disseminate ideas [and compensation] on immigration laws among lawyers, jurists and academics;

And so these "professionals" are put on the payroll and are no longer thinking professionals, but simple whores.

According to ASGI, the reasons for migration to Europe are: wars, repressive regimes and dictatorships, consequences of colonialism, exploitation of natural resources of the African continent, demographic growth, climate change.

European and American governments have initiated the wars, installed the repressive regimes and do the exploiting.  Stop doing these things.  Climate change is a hoax.  Most of these refugees are economic refugees who  wouldn't come to Europe unless their journey was fully funded and they weren't promised generous welfare.

After a recent change in the law to welcome unaccompanied minors in Italy, it pushed for a change in citizenship laws,

"Unaccompanied minors" is a lie.  It is just another bit of trifling to keep the people off-balance.

[CILDI's] manifesto includes a change of vision on immigration, as a system of asylum, not criminal, based on welcoming duties and enlargement of citizenship.

CILDI activities include, the project Open Migration, which focuses on a fact-checking of news on immigration; its articles cover criticism of the investigation of NGOs in the Mediterranean, a claim that refugee appeals are not overburdening the judicial system, and another claim that immigrants are over represented in the jail system due to preventive custody, ignoring the data showing that migrants commit crimes in Italy at 6 times the rate of natives.

Again, more Orwell.

A Buon Diritto (For good law) is an advocacy group [...] Its president is Luigi Manconi, also known as Simone Dessì,

What's with all the name changes?  Why are these NGOs invariably run by quick change artists?

a former activist of Lotta Continua (Contiued Fight), a communist party.

That's one reason why.

The network, as exemplified by CILDI, is extensive and intricate. It ranges from former ministers, Kyenge (Immigration) and Bonino (foreign affairs), both directly responsible for the large influx of migrants being forcefully accepted into Italy, to support groups promoting press censorship, but also providing judicial support, advocacy and publications.

So there you have it.  Ex-government officials using their contacts in government to feed at the trough and to work against the people.  The media and the judiciary are completely corrupted into the bargin.

Only in few cases one can inspect their budgets, not exactly a trait suggesting transparency and openness.

No surprise there.  If they have nothing to hide.......

Most organizations promote their extreme views as “fact based’’ or “common sense’’ to give themselves an aura of scientific approach, while providing subjective and ideological interpretation of data and omitting inconvenient information. That is also why they omit the nationality of the criminal. It’s equivalent to admitting there is a problem but it should not be talked about. This is typical of totalitarian regimes, not democratic and certainly not “open’’ societies. The stated goal of “correct information on the theme of immigration’’ is certainly not achieved this way.

This is straight out of Trotsky's handbook.  There is nothing remotely democratic in any of this.