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Everything, and I mean everything in the news is to keep the focus off Hillary. Why? Because she's their own gal. She's got the goods on everyone in the government. She installed her own Pakistani ISI hackers (Google Imran Awan IT staff congress) into the congress and used her private email server (blackberry enterprise server, secure cloud) to essentially run pay-to-plays with everyone. They agreed because they were being blackmailed but that's ok, they were making money too. That's what's happening

You won't see the news talking about hillary's blackberries. You wont' see them talking about the spy ring she's installed into Congress to essentially steal intelligence information from the CIA using pakistani intelligence against the US government. She's inculcated them into her harem of spies and promised them great rewards

They go to great lengths protecting her, now a year in, because if they get caught, they are ALL going to go to prison or be shot for treason. It would be hard to shoot 200 people. So they'll probably just shoot her and her cohorts. You eyeroll at this maybe, but we have proof and the dems entire worldview is going to be turned on its head very soon

There's no stop to this train, at this point, even if you assassinate President Trump and assassinate Vice President Pence. There is no way that the dems / CIA are going to be able to reinstall someone.

It won't work. We'll burn it down. If any of that happens that the other side will just start killing deepstate actors left and right. I won't have anything to do with it. There are plenty who know exactly what's going on and they are veterans and they've been targetted for suicide and death by team hillary. They're not going to put up with this anymore IF there is a civil war from attacking our president in any real JFK way then there's basically a kill list and they'll go thorugh it one by one

IT wont' come to that. Podesta group is already done, so is fusion gps. The baddies are going to jail now.

And soon everyone will know not just the surface crimes that have been dismissed but the deeper cancers of Hillary's betrayal of the united states and the corrupt actors that have tried their best to destroy our intelligence agencies, our legal system, and our culture from within


and this

Kewl. I hope it's just like when DeNiro starts "cleaning up" after the Lufthansa heist in "Goodfellas."  BTW, you are forgetting the Klintons' involvement in the "300-no 400-wait maybe 900" FBI files on the swamp denizens, apparently mostly Republicans that happened right after Bill assumed office: