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zh c/s NYC crooks

The big loser in this cover-up is Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, as crooked a DA as New York has ever had, surpassing DAs Robert Morgenthau and Charles Hynes.  Vance prosecuted Dominique Strauss-Kahn on orders of then Mayor Bloomberg, who hand-picked the Criminal Court judge who handled this case, Melissa Jackson.  A former Bronx ADA who, in spite of being related to the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, was going nowhere due to her shortcomings.  Until Bloomberg got her appointed to the bench.  Then the is the case of Abacus Savings Bank, which Vance prosecuted on charges he knew were false, based on the testimony of a fired bank employee who was an embezzler.  PBS's Frontline aired a documentary on Vance's criminal prosecution of this small bank, in which Vance was unable to explain why he filed criminal charges against this bank, which had, as I recall from the documentary, 9 mortgage defaults among the more than 3,000 mortgages it issued in the time frame under review.  "Microscopic", as the bank's defense attorney said before Vance's prosecutor objected.  DA Vance should resign right now.