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zh c/s..2 made me laugh

he guy was doing "technical work" (read computer surveilliance) along with the Kiwi secret service on an op inside the country that went sideways. He ended up with a broken nose that required a visit to the hospital (which means it was a little more than a broken nose). The hospital reported it to the local police who called the local MP and that got the whole government woken up in the middle of the night & the US attache on the 1st flight out of the country the next day. Something went down in NZ that got hot to the point a lowly comp nerd in the van outside got hurt.

I don't seeing it being this guy suddenly going for a round of fisticuffs at the local brew house just for fun to get back to the states but then again NZ is just an island, might be he was bored & trying to find a way back home.


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Kim Dotcom's people found out the cable guy wasn't really the cable guy?