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If the U.S. defaults---Effect on Social Security checks ---

The posters on the political pub board obviously don't understand the difference between a "government shut down" and a "Debt Ceiling Default"

This particular statement proves that you people are confused. "Social Security checks can't be stopped for a Government shuydown. Never have and never will" black blade

"If the U.S. goes into default, or runs up against the deadline, the government will have difficult decisions to make. The law will require the U.S. to continue payments for entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicaid, while at the same time denying the government the ability to borrow in order to pay for them. Even with the most extensive cuts imaginable to domestic discretionary spending, the government would have to prioritize spending and likely halt many cherished programs."

There will be about $30 Billion and change to "fund" the government which includes sending out Social Security checks and pay for Medicare. Obviously that money won't last long so there is a very good chance that SS recipients won't get their checks.