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In response to Alvin Lee - RIP by Black Blade (03/08/2013, 2:29am)

Re: alvin leigh's greatest song of all time- "I'd love to change the world"- i pulled it out after obama won again-

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzrUqAtUcpU      And me being a blues guitarist and boogie woogie piano player, i just had to learn and master it. So as i trade my stocks now, i've added it to the other more bluesy stuff i do to pass the time as i watch my sctotrade screen and post on these message boards. Some mighty tough riffs to get right, i must say. But i've been doing this trading/bluesy stuff for so many years, it shouldn't take me long at all. Kind of ironic how his words to this song still apply today, too. It certainly puts helplessness for frustrated-with-leadership peons like me in proper perspective. I was a hippy back in the day this song came out. Now i'm a more mature conservative. Either way, the song is special and a real gem. TIMELESS WISDOM in these precious words he wrote.---------------I am loving playing it daily, for sure.