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In response to Obamacare: 20 States Including Texas Threaten to Secede... by nff_cr (11/19/2013, 7:44pm)

Re: Obamacare: 20 States Including Texas Threaten to Secede...

What's really hilarious is that this Obama Care is going down flames. Better yet, Barack Obama's name is tied to this fiasco. History will remember the first half-black president as a failure and worst POTUS ever. His legacy is now set in stone and serves as a glaring example of how Communism is a dead end political philosophy. Last night on FOX Senator Rand Paul said that the best health care solution was to simply allow "ALL" insurers to compete in "ALL" the states offering up health care insurance. The competition would in effct lower the cost of mediacl insurance. This is the Free Market solution vs. the Communist solution.