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(Updated November 2017 )
Stocks, Trusts, Crypto Currency and Precious Metals
This week we reallocated some Bitcoin (Coinbase) into cash and the crypto-currency Ethereum with an eye on Litecoin. Our Bitcoin Cash acquired before the Fork and transferred to a third party "wallet" continues to gain so we are still holding for now. We added units of San Juan Basin Trust (SJT), MV Oil Trust (MVO) and physical Silver bullion (Silver American Eagles).
Our best gains this last few months have been in Bitcoin but the trend line has broken on a couple flash crashes ... we are now "playing with the house's money" as it were. We prefer physical precious metals as a rule if things turn ugly but we can't pass on the trading action and potential avenue of safety of crypto-currency (i.e. Venezuela, etc.) should there be a currency crisis.
Alternative Investments

We also added a .45 acp Beretta PX4 type F and Beretta mini-Cougar 8045 to the firearms collection (we got the PX4 on discount from Classic Firearms in NC as part of a failed government contract - they are on clearance and are an exceptional deal although it was a much better deal in April when Beretta also haf a $75 rebate on new firearms and these are classified as new even though they sat in a warehouse for some time. The mini-Cougar was an auction piece that we got cheap because no one else bid ... how about that?). Almost an immediate gain if flipped on Gunbroker, Armslist or the local Gun Exchange.

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