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Bulk Ammo Bargains and News From Shotshow 2018

Bulk Ammo Bargains and News From Shotshow 2018

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I just got back from the Shotshow in Las Vegas this past week which is the annual firearms industry convention where all the major manufacturers, distributors and retailers get together to discuss business, products and planning for the year ahead. We had a short but successful trip that should result in some new inventory options in the months ahead. One of the big things discussed by every ammunition manufacturer we talked to was the recent increased cost of raw material to make ammunition, mainly copper and in turn brass, as well as lead. Sharp increases in metal prices have all of the ammunition manufacturers wanting to raise prices, however no one wants to be the first to do it so for now nothing appears to be immediate. I believe a competitive market will help delay such increases, however rising metal prices will force prices up this spring once old stock on raw material is used up and the factories have their back to the wall on new costs.  It would be a wise time to take advantage of price and availability on certain items so check out the great deals on the ammo listed below.  Slow sales this past spring and summer reduced ammo prices to a 10 to 12 year low on many calibers and there are so many bargains to be had right now. We also expect lots of great deals yet to come, so stay subscribed for future SGAmmo newsletters. If you have some spare time please take a few minutes and look over the online catalog at www.SGAmmo.com.

- Sam Gabbert - SGAmmo Owner