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Our fund raising round was not successful.  As a result, IDB will be going off line and into cold storage.  If our competitors should stumble, I may re-active the site in the future but for now, we're turning out the lights.

I had planned to go off-line on April 4th.  Due to some important and unplanned changes in our maintenance schedule, I am now bumping that up to next Tuesday morning, March 27th, 2018.  PM 'admin' if you need to reach me. 

You should use the next 5 days to find a new home for your community.

Running IDB has been fun over the years and I hope you enjoyed your time here as well.  Sincerely,  Paul

P.S. News on IDB Funding -- this is now on it's own page to clean up the site a bit.

The City Of Los Angeles Will Melt A StG 44 Worth $40k

The stupidity of California never ceases to amaze me...  Gun buy backs have been all the rage lately as they make for great press opportunities and have the illusion of a community out reach program.  Gun buy backs reward the sheeple who drop off their weapons  in the form of a Ralphs (local grocery store chain) or Visa gift card that is worth $100 to $200.  If the city were to provide some means to sell these arms back to the public, perhaps at an auction, there would be millions of dollars generated for the city.

Most of the firearms turned in at these buy backs are usually beat up AKs, an old SKS or two, a sprinkling of Tec 9's, and some old revolvers.  This buy back netted a handsome StG 44 developed by the Germans near the end of WWII.  I'll save you the history lesson, but these rifles are not only kinda rare, they were also the jumping off point for many of the designs of modern defensive rifles (or what the media would call assault rifles).  Charlie Beck proudly poses with the rifle as he stumbles over his words, seen in the video above.  Lol, I laughed when Beck was damn near shoving the barrel of the StG in the face of the dude on the right!  Great gun safety tips chief!

So what will happen to this historical treasure?  Well, I'm sure it had some amazing story of how it came to the U.S. and where it has been all these years, but it will be melted down into rebar just like all the weapons netted at these buy backs.  Some estimates would show that this rifle is worth upwards of $40k, and while selling this one might be tricky (I doubt there is any Class III paperwork that goes with it), it could still be donated to a museum or sold in parts.  It makes me sad that this relic will just be used for rebar, and it is heart breaking to know that the city is literally burning money.



Black Blade: What a shame. At least they should give it to a museum. Bummer.