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Mother of dead Popeyes robber: ‘Why did he shoot him five times'

Mother of dead Popeyes robber: ‘Why did he shoot him five times'

Andrew Herrera, 19, was killed by man who is licensed to carry

SAN ANTONIO - Cynthia Ruiz, a widow and a single mother, said she collapsed when San Antonio police notified her the next day that her 19-year-old son, Andrew Herrera, had been shot and killed during an attempted robbery.

The botched robbery happened on Dec. 7 at a Popeyes Chicken in the 800 block of Southeast Military Drive.

Police said Herrera, wearing a hoodie and a mask, entered the South Side restaurant with gun and confronted a man and his family who were eating. 

After the man told Herrera he had spent the money he had on their dinner, Herrera turned toward the counter and pointed the gun at one of the workers, who was running away.

That’s when the man, who had a concealed handgun license, fired several shots at Herrera.

A police spokesman later said, “Here in Texas, if you’re in fear of loss of life, loss of property, you have a right to defend yourself.”

Ruiz said she understands the man who shot her son was defending his family, but she asked, “Why shoot him four more times? Why did he shoot him five times?”

SAPD believes Herrera may have been involved in other robberies.


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