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Open Carry: Why Don’t More People?

Open Carry: Why Don’t More People?

Open Carry

Is it true that if we don’t exercise our rights that they may be more easily taken away?

When it comes to firearms carry, I sometimes wonder why I don’t see more people open carry in public.

Regarding this, I do completely understand the notion of potentially becoming a target during the unlikely event of a violent encounter. However a potential violent situation may also be averted if the criminal sees someone else who is openly carrying. Maybe, maybe not.

I also understand the potential for a percentage of the common public to become uncomfortable seeing another who is openly carrying. Especially true in population dense areas where many are ‘programmed’ anti-gun.

That said, I wonder if more people would open carry that others would become more accustomed to that being not so fringe…

Continued: https://modernsurvivalblog.com/security/open-carry/