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Question of the Day: What Gun(s) for A Hurricane?

Question of the Day: What Gun(s) for A Hurricane?


The atmosphere at my local Austin HEB last night was a bit . . . fraught. Checkout lines were long, shopping carts full to the brim. Customers traded tales of epic floods as they waited their turn. I can only imagine what it’s like closer to Corpus, where hurricane Harvey is due to make landfall and linger, smashing the coast, dumping feet of rain on the Lone Star State, knocking out power to millions of Texans.

So let’s assume you live close to the coast, or somewhere in Houston (which is due to be inundated, too) . . .

Continued: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/0 ... hurricane/

Black Blade: For the answer is: a Glock 17 with spare mags, my Saiga-12 shotgun with 20-round drum and maybe either my Daniel Defense M4 or SGL-21 AK47 with loaded mag pouch. But most any defense firearm is good. As for confiscation ... I keep several arms and plenty of ammo stockpiled in various locations and some even cached in remote locations ... so a non-issue for me.

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GNmosasaurus008/26/2017, 10:24am