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In response to Re: Americans Set New Long Range World Record! 5,000 yards (2.84 miles) by mosasaurus (11/03/2017, 10:11am)

Re: Americans Set New Long Range World Record! 5,000 yards (2.84 miles)

     The first so called long range record was a single shot.  Gy/Sgt Carlos Hathcock used a .50 BMG with a Redfield scope.  The shot was near 1.4 miles.  When sighting in the big .50 which has an effective range of 6,000 yards, he used a boulder at the bottom of the mountain which was 2,500 yards away.  A column of North Vietnamese troops came marching down the road and their commander took a seat on the boulder.  The rest is history.  
      I would have to agree that to really be significant it needs to be one of those situations which involved just a couple of close misses and then a hit or a single shot.  For example, at Ft. Polk they would take guys out with .50's and shoot at old trucks 2.5 miles away.  The gunners would just guess and fire and upon seeing the rounds hit, walk the column of fire into them and tear them up.
      In WW1, the Germans would have a spotter tell them where there rounds were hitting and adjust to cover an area perhaps two miles away.  When the enemy moved through the area they would open up and rain lead on them and they had no idea where it was coming from.