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wnd.com / By ERIK RUSH / March 6, 2013

Exclusive: Erik Rush decries how ‘a radical Marxist’ is ruling his state by proxy

On March 4, despite hundreds of Coloradans flooding the State Capitol in Denver and honking horns on the streets that encircle the building all day long, and the presence of 25 county sheriffs opposed to seven Democratic gun-control proposals, the measures all passed the Colorado House along party-line votes. Democrats currently control both houses of the Colorado legislature, as well as the governor’s office. Legislators’ testimony during the hearings was replete with smug, ignorant sanctimony, blithering idiocy and outright lies.

The Democrat members of the Colorado legislature have shown themselves to be enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America and the people of the state of Colorado. What occurred in Colorado on that day was nothing short of a disgusting outrage and a chilling precursor of things to come.

Two factors regarding this development are particularly distressing. The first is the revelation that the Colorado legislature is lousy with knee-jerk dullards who operate at the level of those who suspend grade-school children from school for possessing napkins and toaster pastries that bear rudimentary resemblance to firearms. As has become clear in recent weeks, many are themselves from the ranks of low-information voters with scant knowledge of the Constitution, or progressive zealots who seek to abolish same.