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Ruger American .45 acp

    I bought a used Ruger American a while back in .45 acp.
   The trigger is in the 4-4.5 lb range which is exceptional.  The 4.5" pistol is highly controllable with recoil using 230 grain Ball no different than the 9mm version which is unusual, in a good way.
   The Novak sights are great allowing me to hammer plates with both eyes open focusing on the front dot.
   The light trigger, great sights and low recoil make one handed or Bullseye style shooting simple.  The ergonomics or muscle memory is 1911 all the way.  Everything is where it should be on "old slabsides."
    Like the 9mm American I have praised endlessly, this one in .45 is simply as good as you could ask for in a combat pistol.   It is not a target pistol yet has a better trigger than the RP9, M&P Pro, SIG P320 X-Five, Canik TP9SFx, XD(M) Competition, among others in the inventory.  The Walther PPQ Q5 Match Pistol has a better trigger.   I wish Ruger would give us a match version with a five or six inch tack driving barrel to go along with the match quality triggers.
    If you are looking for outstanding performance at an incredible price you must check out the Ruger Americans.