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Smith & Wesson CEO: Rebates spur gun sales amid soft demand

Smith & Wesson CEO: Rebates spur gun sales amid soft demand

A Smith & Wesson representative admiring (probably) the awe expressed by patrons of Smith & Wesson products during SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January 2017. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)

Gun maker Smith & Wesson attributed fourth quarter success to promotions, giving explanation as to how high volume gun sales have persisted amid a decrease in demand.

James Debney, chief executive officer for American Outdoor Brands Corporation, owner of Smith & Wesson, told investors Friday the gun company issued rebates for popular firearms — like the M&P Shield, Bodyguard and SDVE pistols — directly to customers rather than to retailers through distribution chains.

Prior to November’s election, gun companies and retailers created a surplus of inventory as they expected different election results. With pro-gun Republicans in the White House and making up a majority in both chambers of Congress, politics has had limited influence on consumer habits unlike the years before. As a result, weak demand has clogged inventory channels and slowed production.

Continued: http://www.guns.com/2017/07/04/smith-wesson-ceo-rebates-spur-gun-sales-amid-soft-demand/