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Thousands of Australians are using the dark web to buy illegal guns

Thousands of Australians are using the dark web to buy illegal guns

Thousands of Australians are buying guns and GRENADES on the dark web – and pay black market firearms dealers to sneak them into the country


A recent report backed by the United Nations has revealed Australians are buying firearms and explosives on the ‘dark web’.

Research gathered by RAND Europe found that Australians are buying and selling guns and grenades, as well as downloading instructions on how to make bombs from overseas sellers.

Further investigation revealed that Australians are accessing 12 main crypto markets (encrypted websites) with 167,000 illegal product listings.

This is the largest study into online firearm sales, which has found that more than 800 ‘arms-related products’ were available to buy over a six-day timeframe.


Researchers said the majority of guns came from the US but said the ‘overwhelming majority of listings’ offered worldwide shipping, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Findings suggest that there are 11 listings from Australian-based illegal arms dealers, but that the majority of purchases are being made from sellers in Europe, Canada, the US, Asia and South America who ship to Australia.

Prices range from $218 for a second-hand pistol to $2495 for a sub-machine gun.

Sellers reportedly employ ‘special shipping techniques’ to avoid detection such as taking the weapons apart and shipping the pieces in different parcels.

Another popular method for disguising firearm postage is to hide the parts inside electronics such as televisions or printers.