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Johnson & Weaver will likely file a complaint


Based on what we have discovered, Johnson & Weaver will likely file a complaint against TiVo and seek to obtain a better price for shareholders, especially given TiVo's strong balance sheet. 
 I will send you an engagement letter by DocuSign, please sign if you would like to participate.

What happens after we get a court involved is that we will retain a forensic expert to look at the Board Books, which are the documents the board looked at when recommending this deal. That expert will then do 3 tests on the valuation: Discounted Cash Flow analysis (taking the present value of the future cash flows), Comparable Companies Analysis (looking at what comparable companies are trading at), and Comparable Transaction Analysis (looking at similar mergers and the appropriate premiums). 

Our work is done on a contingency fee basis, which means you will have no responsibility for legal fees or expenses. 



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