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In response to Re: TiVo up more than 5% after hours by OldDude (04/29/2016, 2:27pm)

Post mortem

< I really didn't think TiVo could screw shareholders more than it did with the settlement with Motorola/Google.   I was wrong. >

They had other viable options?    

I don't think management has had much in the way of options. I don't believe in magic, and most of Tivo's problems are beyond management's influence.  There hasn't been a reasonable case to hold Tivo stock in a long time, imo.

However, what is inexcusable is that, worse than simply being figureheads, management

a) has pushed for itself compensation levels that are in no way justified, since they haven't done anything but greet the cash brought by a legal train they didn't put on the tracks in the first place

b) burned hundreds of millions of dollars on buybacks and acquisitions that got shareholders absolutely dick.

Food for thought I: wouldn't a ten cent quarterly dividend beginning a couple of years ago have led to a trajectory far, far better for shareholders? I'm guessing the stock would have peaked much higher, and for longer.

Food for thought II: Echo chambers can be really costly: when even reasonable bearish views get silenced or vilified, you may find yourself clutching the bag when the end arrives.

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