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In response to Re: TiVo up more than 5% after hours by dgallin (04/29/2016, 10:49am)

Re: TiVo up more than 5% after hours

I see now.  Deal is structured so that TiVo shareholders have ZERO upside in Rovi gains.  However, if Rovi shares fall below 16, then TiVo shareholders are left holding the bag.  

Rovi at 16 = TiVo gets 10.70
Rovi at 15 = TiVo gets 10.28.  
Rovi at 14 = TiVo gets 9.85.  
Rovi at 13 = TiVo gets 9.43.
Rovi at 12 = TiVo gets 9.00.
Rovi at 11 = TiVo gets 8.58
Rovi at 10 = TiVo gets 8.15

In listening to the conference call, it is night and day between Rovi CEO vs Naveen/Tom Rogers.  No suprise TiVo shareholders get fleeced again and again. 

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