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An Interesting IDB update! And how IDB got even faster.  IDB is fast, reliable, and FREE to use. Just join and start posting!

In response to Re: TiVo up more than 5% after hours by dsbatt001 (04/29/2016, 11:10am)

Re: TiVo up more than 5% after hours

 <<see now.  Deal is structured so that TiVo shareholders have ZERO upside in Rovi gains.  However, if Rovi shares fall below 16, then TiVo shareholders are left holding the bag.  

Rovi at 16 = TiVo gets 10.70
Rovi at 15 = TiVo gets 10.28.  
Rovi at 14 = TiVo gets 9.85.  
Rovi at 13 = TiVo gets 9.43.
Rovi at 12 = TiVo gets 9.00.
Rovi at 11 = TiVo gets 8.58
Rovi at 10 = TiVo gets 8.15

If true, I cant think of any circumstance where this is logical for TiVo shareholders. If Rovi goes down why wouldnt TiVO get more shares? And if it goes down when Rovi does, we should benefit from gains. I am astonished by the blatent disregard for TiVo shareholders.


<<  No suprise TiVo shareholders get fleeced again and again. >> Yep, its all about management. I just wonder if they ever even bothered looking for competent management.