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TiVo vs Moto & Google: Is a Settlement Imminent?

Recent Court filings in Moto vs TiVo lawsuit are not inconsistent with filings in previous TiVo cases that were indicative of imminent settlement. There are clues in these filings that reveal that the parties may in fact be hammering out the final agreement this weekend.

There were two Court filings over the past 24 hours – one requesting an extension that required the parties to more than just agree amongst themselves, but to show “good cause” to the Judge in order to have the extension granted – and then the second filing this morning which was an order granting the extension. Did the parties in fact show good cause, or did the Judge merely buy them more time to finalize a settlement agreement?

Want to learn more about why settlement odds are now 75/25 in favor of near-term settlement? Join the discussion at the Members-only TiVo Insights board brought to you by Investor Discussion Board, and follow this link for more information to join our free board…


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