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Our fund raising round was not successful.  As a result, IDB will be going off line and into cold storage.  If our competitors should stumble, I may re-active the site in the future but for now, we're turning out the lights.

I had planned to go off-line on April 4th.  Due to some important and unplanned changes in our maintenance schedule, I am now bumping that up to next Tuesday morning, March 27th, 2018.  PM 'admin' if you need to reach me. 

You should use the next 5 days to find a new home for your community.

Running IDB has been fun over the years and I hope you enjoyed your time here as well.  Sincerely,  Paul

P.S. News on IDB Funding -- this is now on it's own page to clean up the site a bit.

TiVo; yearly Dividend .of .72 per share, AND $150M buy back.

Well this was certainly unexpected. A divided AND a buyback. Expressing confidence or a typical old tivo parler trick?.

It seems like pretty good news to me, although the stock is still not even back where it was at the time of the merger.

But I guess I will take it for now as instills confidence as far as I am concerned and will happily take a regular dividend payout in lui of capital gains.