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Will the Trump administration help Make TiVo Great again and encourage American innovation

TiVo changed television nearly two decades ago with the most innovative and life changing television technology since the television was invented. When large cable/satellite companies stole TiVo technology rather that work with them or license their technology it nearly bankrupted the company and the ensuing decade long struggle eventually led to Rovi buying TiVo at a significant discount (and keeping the name TiVo given the value of the brand name alone). 

If TiVo finally has an ally in the Trump administration, it could finally receive its due as one of the most innovative companies in television/media, and encourage other companies to innovate without fear of their investments and innovations being stolen. This could have huge implications for American innovation in the future. 

Mr. Trump, make TiVo Great again - help the David of the television industry defeat the evil goliath media that thinks that it is above the law.