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Our fund raising round was not successful.  As a result, IDB will be going off line and into cold storage.  If our competitors should stumble, I may re-active the site in the future but for now, we're turning out the lights.

I had planned to go off-line on April 4th.  Due to some important and unplanned changes in our maintenance schedule, I am now bumping that up to next Tuesday morning, March 27th, 2018.  PM 'admin' if you need to reach me. 

You should use the next 5 days to find a new home for your community.

Running IDB has been fun over the years and I hope you enjoyed your time here as well.  Sincerely,  Paul

P.S. News on IDB Funding -- this is now on it's own page to clean up the site a bit.

​WidePoint Awarded Follow-On Telecom Expense Management Contract with the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)


WidePoint Awarded Follow-On Telecom Expense Management Contract with the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)

PR NewswireSeptember 13, 2017

WidePoint's Telecom Expense Management services enable the NINR to consolidate and optimize mobile services

MCLEAN, Va.Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- WidePoint Corporation (WYY), a leading provider of Trusted Mobility Management (TM2) specializing in Cybersecurity and Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a follow-on contract with the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR). WidePoint is the incumbent provider of TEM and Mobile Lifecycle Management Services to the NINR.

WidePoint's deliverables for the NINR's contract include:

  • Link and track users virtually with device information;
  • Report and track usage;
  • Provide new services/additional lines as needed;
  • Eliminate paper billing, process payment collectively for all carriers;
  • Provide direct customer service to each user; and,
  • Allow individual users to electronically verify charges each month.

Mr. Jin Kang, Chief Executive Officer of WidePoint, noted: "WidePoint is recognized for delivering TEM solutions that provide enhanced data security and is honored to be awarded this follow-on contract by NINR. WidePoint also provides TEM solutions for other institutes that fall within the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) including the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), as well as other organizations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). We look forward to building upon our successes at the NIH and HHS and showcasing our new TM2 Framework and the additional services that we can provide in keeping up with the ever changing telecom and mobile environments of the future."

WidePoint's TM2 Framework was built around the intersection of the company's proprietary Telecom Lifecycle Management, Identity Management, and Mobility Management solutions with added architecture to provide a trusted environment with enhanced confidentiality and secure access. 

"WidePoint understands that managing mobile usage and telecom accounts, while processing separate monthly payments is administratively burdensome and inefficient for the NINR and many of the other institutes within the NIH," stated Mr. Todd McMillen, WidePoint's Senior Vice President of Client Services. "We look forward to continuing to work with NINR and we are pleased to have been awarded this follow on contract.  We believe that our high level of renewal rates demonstrates the value that we bring to all of our clients."

About WidePoint

WidePoint Corporation (WYY), is a leading provider of technology-based management solutions. For more information, visit www.widepoint.com