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IoT Solutions World Congress

How to Build Secure, Highly Reliable Critical Systems and Networks for the IoT – Tues. October 3rd 9:30-13:00




Convergence of critical systems with those connected to the broader Internet are creating massive security concerns, real and anticipated. Even for less critical infrastructure, the potential for sensitive personal and corporate data, intellectual property and other information to be lost, held ransom or corrupted presents unacceptable risks for companies.   


This session at the IoT Solutions World Congress Tuesday, Oct. 3, 9:30-13:00, upstairs in hall CC5, room 5.1, will address how developers and designers of networks, systems and “things” can deploy techniques to better secure data.  The critical role of trust and how it is used in security, along with an overview of applicable standards and techniques, will be delivered. Experts from Trusted Computing Group also will address how to ensure identity and security of very constrained “things” and using available APIs for encryption, authentication, device identity and integrity. Prior to and after the panels TCG will feature security demonstrations including Wibu-Systems TPM based and licensing demo.


Attendance to the TCG Side Event at the IoT Solutions World Congress is free with the Expo Pass or Full Conference Pass.