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An Interesting IDB update! And how IDB got even faster.  IDB is fast, reliable, and FREE to use. Just join and start posting!

Wave/ESW buys Jive.


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Jive Interactive Intranet is a Leader in Forrester Wave Report

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Collaboration, Q4 2016

An effective enterprise collaboration platform can have a dramatic impact on company productivity, employee engagement and agility. But finding an ideal solution in an increasingly diverse and sometimes confusing marketplace isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Forrester Research is here to help.

In its latest Wave report on Enterprise Collaboration, Forrester evaluates top offerings and compares their strengths in areas like product fit and customer success. The report ranks Jive a leader and says, “Jive’s core functionality is as solid as any platform in the field.” The Forrester report states that Jive connects “people, information, and systems in an enterprise collaboration hub,” and says Jive continues to innovate across its six core capability pillars: analytics, search, personalization, mobile, extensibility and UX.

Learn more and help your company choose a collaboration platform that really works for your business. Download the report.