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Gold and Diamond...

Mino River Miners INC.

 “A Symbol of Africa”.

We are group of miners producing unrefined Gold in the form of dust, bars and Nuggets as well as raw uncut diamonds. We will like to use this medium to inform you all, that we control the mines from which these precious commodities are gotten. We are based in Monrovia, Liberia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

We, The Group of local miners here in Liberia and Sierra Leone, where we are presenting mining, like to indicate our interest in working with the like of Buyers, Investors, such as JV investors etc.,  We have been working and striving hard over the past years with our bare hands producing gold, diamond and other precious minerals and we deem it necessary to sell our products to genuine buyers and also solicit the interest of international investors, who we can work with continuously, in improving our mines and increasing our production capacity, In this vain, we have asked our representative to secure us the chance of meeting a very good and reliable buyer or investor, who will be willing to meet us and discuss possible opportunity of buying our products constantly and also help to improve our mines, as you know that Liberia has a high quality gold of 22+ and even 24 carats in quality. We look forward to enter into a long term business with buyers.

Sales representative,

TELEPHONE: +231-777-557253

    FAX: +231-7782-5228.

EMAIL ADDRESS:minorriverminers@yahoo.com