About the IDB Team


The IDB team is made up of Paul Nowak, Dave O'Dell, and Wayne Eaker.


Paul heads up the IT team, builds out the site, and acts as the glue and the fuel providing the vision to delivering the site from both a feature, archetecture, and hardware/hosting standpint.  Dave is our business lead.  Wayne is an expert in the CMS + Application platform used to build the site, plus Wayne brings database admin skills.


Paul and Wayne have worked together on a number of projects since 2010 and were introduced at a technology talk Wayne gave in 2009.  Both Paul and Wayne have been working with the core technology behind the IDB site for over a decade.  Our website deployment and technology development backgrounds are among our biggest strengths.


Dave brings the business focus to the team.  Dave is responsible for IDB's go-to-market strategy, decision making about when we roll out features, financial management, and how we adapt our membership policies to our market.  Our business background is another of our biggest strengths.


Why did we build IDB? We're long time message board users and IT/Business types.  We built IDB because we felt there was a gap in the market for a high quality, fast, reliable, message board environment with a nice feature set.  That's what IDB is -- a message board built by long time message board users for serious message board users.


If you have any questions, we highly recommend you Contact the IDB Team.


As always, Enjoy the site!


The IDB Team

P.S. Our staff are based in Michigan and Florida and our servers are in Texas, New Jersey, and Michigan. More here: