Creating Discussion Boards on IDB

Note: minimum survival command on understanding the types of boards and how to get one set up is Contact the IDB Team!!

IDB allows three types of discussion boards: Public, Semi-Private, and Private Boards. Anyone can request a new Board by using our Contact Page.  You should indicate the name of the company, the stock symbol, and if you would like a Public, Semi-Private, or Private Board.  We can also set up boards that are not company-specific such as a board discussing energy stocks, monetary policy, a specific ETF, or ETFs in general, to name a few.   

About Public, Semi-Private, and Private Board types

You can see Public and Semi-Private Boards as a logged in user or as a public (anonymous) user but you must be a member of the site to post on a Public Board and, for a Private or Semi-Private Board, you must be a member of the specific Board to post.

Go to the main page of the site to see a list of Public and Semi-Private Boards.  If you don't see a Board that you'd like to participate in, Contact Us and we will add it for you. 

Private Boards -- Special Features

You won't see Private Boards listed on IDB.  To be on a Private Board, you either must have one created for you by admin or, you have to be asked to join (invited) by the board-level admin of the Private Board VIA Private Message (PM). The PM will include a link to join the Board. IOW, you won't know about a Private Board unless some user contacts you about it. 

Multiple Boards per Topic

Lastly, there's no reason we can't have three boards for one company / stock.  If we have a very popular stock, it's not unexpected that there would be a Public Board, a Semi-Private Board, and a Private Board.  We will do what works best to serve the needs of the community.


As always, Contact Us if you have questions or feedback and ... Enjoy the site!


The IDB Team