IDB Features

This post is an introduction to a series of posts covering IDB features.  The idea is to give users a better idea of what the site offers, how to use the site, and how/when to ask for new features.

The main goals of the site are a clean, fast, reliable, feature-appropriate design.  Feature-appropriate means we didn't try to hit every pitch out of the park on the feature side.  Sometimes we pulled back if it meant degraded reliability or speed.  We strive for a balance between speed, features, and reliability -- with hard and fast goals of first being very reliable (#1) and very fast (#2). 

Reliability and speed are #1 and #2 on our priority list but we also have what we think is a superb (aka 'killer') feature set.  Some intersting features include:

  • iPhone, iPad and Droid friendly
  • Nice Private Messaging (PM) features
  • Settings to deliver email to your inbox based on PMs
  • More flexible ignore features including ignore author and ignore recs from author (!!)
  • A nice 'follow' author feature which you will see when viewing a post
  • The ability to edit a post for 15 minutes after you create it -- you'll see the edit link in the lower right corner of newly submitted posts.
  • Standard tools for adding images to posts either from your hard drive or by using a URL if the image is on the Internet.
  • The ability to upload and attach spreadsheets, word docs, PDFs and other file types to a post.

Refer to the "IDB Overview' menu and the "IDB Ramblings" menu for a list of articles that will grow over time.  For more of a 'how-to' on various features, refer to our FAQ.  As always, Key Settings in Your User Profile is a good place to start.

If you have questions not covered above or you just like to open up a conversation, contact IDB Staff (admin) VIA our form or VIA PM (username is 'admin').  You can ask for new features, get help to better use the site and much more.

Enjoy the site!


The IDB Team