IDB Made Page 1 of Google!

Less than a week in and IDB is already on page 1 of Google's organic (i.e. non paid) search results.

There's probably a lot of searches we come up on page 1 for but we noticed that if you search for:

  • CPN

And we're #1 overall in Google for words like 'arna investor discussion' and, the more challenging 'TiVo investor discussion'. 

We're on page 1!  Page 1 is a big deal, especially for a site as new as IDB. Note: this page rank will change from week to week but as of March 20, 2012, this is our rank for these search terms.

How'd it happen? The IDB plaform has killer SEO (search engine optimization).  We set up everything from domain name to URLs to page titles are carefully crafted to do well on Google.  Which means people looking for investor discussion boards/forums/groups on Google will tend to find us very frequently.  Which helps grow the site with quality members.  Google users, of the type we will be attracting, tend to be quality users (serious investors) and that's reflected in the search terms they use.

This is just a beginning.  As IDB ramps in use, our presence in Google organic search results will grow tremendously.

- Admin