Speed, Reliability + ... Features(!!)

IDB was built for speed and reliability first and foremost; with a very nice and quickly evolving feature set and great customer service to boot. 

When building IDB, one of the things we specifically focussed on was turning off features that were not needed or that would slow the site down.  That means things like menu systems are simple.  In other cases, we implemented features that would specifically speed things up like database caching, web content caching, code caching ... all for big speed improvements in a high traffic, large database environment. 

Also, we are running the site on very fast servers, running a very fast operating system, with a fast code base, and with a fast database platform.   Even if the site has many boards with over 1 million posts each, the site will continue to be fast.  In fact, many boards with 1 million posts each will have the IDB hardware barely breathing.  If you're used to other sites that struggle with reliability and speed, you will like IDB.  Large sites need not be slow or have spotty reliability.

Fast software, fast custom code, fast database.  These things makes the site fast.

For reliability we chose building blocks that are robust and tested.  Building blocks that many of the largest companies on the Internet use when building web sites.  Operating systems, application layers, database layers, server infrastructure.  All top of the line tools that are core to the modern Internet. 

Speed and reliability are two of the four pillars.  The other two pillars are features and customer service.

On the feature side of things, we hope you like it.  You can read about the features in other posts in this series or in the FAQ and help pages. 

For support, Contact IDB Staff! if there's something you'd like the site to do or if you'd like help doing something you think the site already does.  We can get you rolling and keep you rolling.

And, if you request a new feature, we're very receptive and responsive.  Because the site is built on modern tools, it's easy to adapt the site based on user feedback.

For example, it was easy to make the site work well on both your PC and your iPhone and iPad.  Try the site on your phone or tablet device.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprized how well the interface works, how fast it is, how reliable, and how nicely the features carry over.  IDB on iPad is a nice thing.

We hope you like the site features and we hope you find it fast and reliable ... it just works.

Enjoy the site!


The IDB Team