iPhone or iPad anyone?

IBD is designed to work with iPhone, iPad and Droid just as well as it works on your PC or Mac desktop / laptop. 

We have iPads and iPhones in house and use the site all the time over those devices. IDB on iPad is particularly nice.

This is possible because the site is built with 100% standards-compliant html and css code. 

That means things don't break when moving across platforms. The interface was done 'correctly' to start and then we put effort into making sure IDB plays well on the hundreds of mobile devices flooding the market. And what's fast on your PC will also be fast on your iPhone or very fast on your iPad -- over both 3G and WIFI.

You'll probably have a better experience on a big machine like a desktop or laptop but, there's nothing to stop you from having a good experince on your phone or a very good experience on your tablet.

You'll be able to navigate, read, post, and administer your account settings from your phone or tablet as well as from your PC. 

Given a little time, we might roll out an iPad/iPhone app.  We have a dev team that is ready to roll out an iPad app for IDB. But it might be unecessary; we think the current interface great on iPad.

Enjoy the site (on your iPhone and/or iPad)!!


The IDB Team