Joining a Semi Private Board

Semi Private Boards are viewable by everyone (logged in users and non-logged in users) but you have to be a member of the board to post to that board.  Private boards are viewable only by members of the board and you have to be a member of that board to view or post to the board.

You become a board member of either a Semi-Private or a Private Board by asking the board admin who may then choose to invite you to the board.  Any invite will come as a PM (private message). 

The board admin(s) are listed just below the the visitor count for the board in the upper right area of the page.  Contact one or more of the admins to request to be invited.

Invitations to Private boards work the same way as Semi-Private Boards -- e.g. you have to be invited by the board-level admin to join.  The main difference for Private vs. Semi-Private boards is that you will not know about a Private Board unless someone tells you about it. The only other way to find out about a Private board is to create one.

NOTE: we may build a feature to allow private boards that choose to do so, to be listed on the site in a public place.  The listing would include listing at least one of the admins for the board.  This is for private boards where the admins want to encourage new users to join but where they still want the discussion to be 100% for members of the board only.  Being listed will make it easier for users to ask to be invited.

Contact the IDB Team if you'd like to create a Private Board (or any Board).  There are no outward signs on the IDB site that indicate or list the Private Boards. Private Board invitations happen entirely by word-of-mouth / PM and come direct from the board-level admin to you.  Send a PM asking to join, look for a PM in your IDB inbox inviting you to join.  If you see the invitation, click the link in the invitation to join.

As always, Contact the IDB Team if you have questions.

Enjoy the site!


The IDB Team