Key Settings in Your User Profile

The IDB site has powerful features to make it easier for you to read and respond to posts on the site. 

These features are controlled VIA settings in your user profile.

Click on your "My Account" menu in the upper right corner of any page to access your account-level preferences and settings.  Some things you can do include:

  • Access your Private Messages (PMs)
  • Adjust your font size under "Board Preferences ..."
  • Remove usernames from your 'Follow List", your "Ignore List", and/or your "Ignore Recs List"
  • Review your Post Library (aka Favorite Posts)
  • Review your "Saved Searches" and/or remove items from the list
  • Edit your account password and edit your email preferences for having the site notify you about PMs (in the 'Account' tab)
  • At login, If you selected the option to 'remember to keep me logged in', that's called a 'persistent login'.  You can then clear all and any persistent logins you may have in the 'Profile' tab.  If you clear out persistent logins, your current session will stay open but, next time you visit the site, you will need to login.

That's a quick run down of some of the key features in your 'My Account' section of the site.

Enjoy the site!



IDB Team