Little Enablers on the IDB Site

This is a note from Paul on the IDB Team:

The little things are some of the coolest things about IDB's platform.  Here are some examples:

If you load an IDB web page that requires login acess, IDB will bounce you to the the login page if you're not logged in.  Once you login, you bounce back to the page you initially loaded that required login access.  It's a little feature that saves time and gives site users a seamless experience.  Of course, if you check 'keep me logged in' as you logged in, you will bounce right through to the content in the link.  Things that require login are posting, recommending a post, sending a private message (PM), just to name a few.

If you submit a post and you then realize you made an error, you have a 30 minute window during which you can edit your post.  You'll see the 'edit' link in the lower right corner of the post if the 30 minute window is still in effect.  Note: IDB staff has access to, and retains, all revisions!

Forgot your password? On every login page is a password recovery tool that will send you your password VIA email.

Need to PM (Private Message) multiple people? Every time you add a username in the To: field of the PM tool, it puts a comma after the name and is ready to accept another name.  Names are prompted as you type the first few letters so you don't need to remember long names.  Fast and easy.

The follow/unfollow, ignore/unignore features all work the same way.  You can add and remove as you're reading posts and you can go to My Account -> Board Prefs and remove and add users also.

If you use the 'ignore' feature to ignore posts from a user, posts from that user will appear greyed out.  This means, if a thread is exploding on the discussion board and it includes people you have on ignore as well as people you don't have on ignore, at least you won't be blindsided by the discussion if you choose to reply to the thread.

Let's say you're a board-admin and big news is hitting the stock your board follows.  Use our email Broadcast feature to send an email in real-time to everyone on your board letting them know about the news and to check into the site for more info and to discuss the news.  This is an insanely powerful feature.

Want to post easily from phone or iPad (or other tablet)? Use Post-by-Email which allows you to send an email to a special email address at IDB that's tied to your alias name AND to a specific board.  A post will then be created using the content in the email you sent in.  Really powerful to post easily this way and this also allows cross posting by simply adding additional IDB email addresses in the email To: field.  Login and click on 'Post-by-Email' in your 'my account' section.

We know search is a killer aspect of discussion sites.  You have to be a member to use the board-level search but give it a whirl.  Every field that can have an assist feature does whether it's a username, a date, or other.

And my favorite for last!  When reading a post ... say you're on post 1,231 in a 10,000 post discussion board.  And you want to return to the discussion board list 'around post 1,231'.  Well in IDB, there is a link at the bottom of every post that returns you to the board but in a special way.  The 'Back to Board' link on the bottom of every post takes you back to a list of posts and it lands you in the list where the current post you are clicking from is found. 

Love it. 

You can read posts in the middle of the board message history, then bounce to the board in same spot, then bounce to into a post, read and click around, then bounce back to the board ... all why staying deep within the message board history.  If you have a search filter on, the 'Back to Board' link will clear your search filter but if then gives you a link to reapply the same filter.  NICE!

As always, send feedback (use the HELP form below) and Enjoy the site!


The IDB Team