News On IDB Funding

News on IDB Funding -- 3/9/18 update:
Through March 19th, 2018, we are looking to generate funding from our community.  If you like IDB and are interested in contributing to cover IDB costs, PM 'admin' (aka send admin a private message (PM)) with the amount you'd like to contribute for the next year.   Our goal is to raise $15K now for the next year of operation.  To meet that, we are going to need a few people to really step up and contibute multiple hundreds of dollars for the year.  Sites like this usually depend on dollars from the 5-10% of the community that have dollars to spare AND really like the site and community so, if that's you, now is the time.  I will then talley up those amounts as we go.  If we hit our funding target, I'll keep the site up for the next year and we'll do this again next year.  If we exceed targets, we'll either apply dollars to the future costs or we'll embark on a marketing campaign.  
$15K is not a lot of $$ for a site like this but, it's also a lot if the community has alternatives.  In my view, there's no other site out there that's like IDB.  You may have other places to go but they are not like IDB -- I looked hard when I was deciding to build IDB.  
So, if you like IDB, now is the time to send me a PM and let me know what level of contribution you'd like to make.  If you don't have an account here or would rather send me an email, send me an emaill at and I'll reply back that I got it.
There has been a lot of interest in this idea but a long way to go also.  If we don't hit our goal by March 19th, 2018, IDB will go on hiatus on April 5th, 2018.
Right now, we have commitments for $680 - $740.  It's a range because some people have given a range to what they would contribute on a monthly basis.  
Thanks, Paul