Pick Stocks -- Win an iPad -- IDB's May 14th - June 15th 2012 Portfolio Contest

We have a winner!  Smallonthebus was the winner of an iPad in our first stock picking contest.  The contest closed June 15th 2012 at market close and Small came out on top by a significant margin.


- Admin (Paul)




Below is the historical post for the contest:


Investor Discussion Board (IDB) is launching a stock portfolio contest:




The standings are here:




The rules and terms are here:




You win this:


apple ipad contest prize 


The contest opened for entry on May 1st 2012 at 2 PM ET and you have until May 14th to join and participate in the full trading period. Trading begins at market close on May 14th, 2012 and runs through market close on June 15th 2012. 


You can enter the contest any time starting at 2pm on Tuesday, May 1st and ending at 3:59 PM ET June 14th, 2012 (yes, you can enter after the trading period opens but you'll have less time to accumulate fictional profits).  But, ideally, you will enter before May 14th.  


Any trades you enter between 2pm on May 1st and 3:59 PM on May 14th will be executed at the market close price on May 14th (so, once you've entered the contest, you might want to hold off on entering trades). 


The key dates are:


  • Tuesday May 1st at 2PM -- the contest opens and you can enter the contest if you have an IDB account
  • Monday May 14th at 4pm -- trading opens.  Open trades will be executed at market close price on all trades entered by contestants
  • Friday June 15th at 4pm -- trading ends.  Open trades will be executed at market close and trading will end
  • Friday June 15th at 6pm in the evening -- the winning portfolio will be the portfolio with the highest gain during the trading period

You can enter the contest at any time bewteen the contest open date and the end of the trading period -- yes, you can enter after the trading period has begun.


The contest is open to anyone with an IDB user account.  Accounts are free to set up.  


Additional details will be posted at 2pm on Monday April 30th, 2012 including the contest rules, terms, and tips.  FYI, only US market stocks can be traded.  No shorting. Transactions are run at the closing price for that market day after the market closes.  Trades must be entered by 3:59PM ET on a trading day to be executed at that day's closing price.


Enjoy the contest!  Spread the word to the communities you frequent (we need your help!!).  And ... iPad to the winner!


If you have questions, we created a board to discuss the contest(s).  Admin monitors the board and is there to answer questions:




- Admin (Paul)